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Ceramics, Pots and Jugs

Our kitchen ware will emphasise your space into the atmosphere of French rustic charm which you have been searching for. 

The Wreath Collection

There’s just something about wreaths that make my heart happy. They have so many uses, whether that be displayed on the front door, on a wall as a focal point, even to dress a table for a special occasion. I like to have a selection of different wreaths available, from rattan to eucalyptus and even beautiful metal wreaths. 

French Soaps

 We’re so proud of our soaps that we’ve created a wonderful range of twenty-six fragrances including five exfoliates. With an extensive range of colours and fragrances, you’ll find something to suit every bathroom or sink around the home! 

The Storage Collection

We appreciate the beautiful simplicity of baskets and trays and their many uses around the home. We try to choose products full of rustic charm and beauty to work perfectly in your abode

The Great Outdoors

Plants and flowers add delight to a garden. Colours change throughout the seasons giving your garden a new life year after year. By placing your plants in metal buckets and galvanized buckets you can move them anytime to wherever your heart desires a bit of greenery.

Sourced Items

We spend hours looking at suppliers and trying to choose the highest quality products for you. It’s the most time consuming part of running a business but we want to make sure that we are selecting the very best for you. We only ever purchase products that we love and would have in our own homes.

Stock delivery day is the most exciting for me, I love opening the products to see them for the first time, I love the happiness it brings and that’s exactly how we want you to feel when you receive your products from us.


Our Journey...

Steeple View Interiors was born many years ago in my mind. It’s always been something I was working towards and now with the help of mum, my dream is becoming a reality. For many years I have worked in the property industry and for as long as I remember, I have always had a passion for homes and interior design. My mum, a teaching assistant for over 15 years also has a real eye for interiors. With all the changes that have happened recently, my mum and I decided it was now or never!

We have spent many hours planning our wonderful new venture. I could easily get carried away buying beautiful products whereas my mum keeps me grounded which makes us the perfect team. We are so excited for our new adventure and we thank you for being part of it. Lots of love Charlie & Jan xXx

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Home Comforts

 All our items are chosen specifically for you and your home in mind. Let your personality shine!

Quality and Value

We strive to provide top quality items with comfort, with a unique style whilst affordable!

New Arrivals

Explore our beautiful handpicked furnishing range especially for you and your home .

Kind Words and Well Wishes

Having worked with Charlotte I know that her passion and love of interiors and finishing touches will provide the foundation to launch a fantastic and successful business. 

Her eye for detail and gentle but determined persona will no doubt ensure that Steeple View Interiors offers an amazing range of products but also delivers to the highest level of customer service also. 

Good luck to Charlotte and her Mum on an exciting adventure

Kerry Jones

Sales Director at Mulberry Homes

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